Friday, August 24, 2012


Ever since I was a kid, August has been my favorite month of the year. It meant celebrating my birthday (and my brother's) (read: gifts, cakes and parties), unadulterated time with my Beloved Boma at her vacation house (read: pure happiness), eating copious amounts of ice cream, enjoying long summer days with no alarm clocks and most importantly a temporary escape from the drudgery of school. But the incontestable highlight of every August was a visit to the “Schueberfouer” (Shoo-ber-fhour), a large folk fair that takes place in the heart of Luxembourg City. This popular festival (originally a shepherd's market) was founded by John the Blind in 1340. You read correctly: this is the 672nd Schueberfouer! Talk about a long-standing tradition. 

The “Fouer” for me was a veritable wonderland consisting of live pony carousels, antique merry-go-rounds, endless roller coasters, a giant Ferris wheel, novelty games, implausible carnival acts, a mesmerizing luna park, persistent street vendors, and too-numerous-to-count food merchants and restaurants, in other words, heaven!

Today it hosts over 270 attractions, is spread over 3.5 km (2 miles) and attracts about 2 million visitors.

A trip to the fairground was never complete without indulging in the regional specialties like “Gebakene Fesch” (baked fish), “Gromperkichelcher” (fried potato cakes), “Waffelen” (waffles with strawberries and whipped cream) and the ubiquitous nougat.

This funfair, emblematic of the city and the country, was an exciting, magical place for me as a child and even after all these years, I am happy to say, it has lost none of its luster.

Schueberfouer 2012
August 23 - September 11
Place du Glacis

Video courtesy of Superjams featuring eXemo (all musicians from Luxembourg)  "All Mensch geet op d'Schueberfouer" (Everybody goes to the Schueberfouer)

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