Monday, August 11, 2014

EIS SCHALEN SINN WONNERSCHEIN! (A scarf a day keeps the doctor away ..)

 TIMELESS PIECES™   one-of-a-kind scarves are made in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India by a designer artisan. 

Spontaneous color and pattern dazzle in these unique masterpieces of silk assembled from vintage saris with traditional hand-made embroidery.

In an inspired recycling endeavor, sections of vintage saris are pieced together into romantic and colorful one-of-a-kind shawls. This type and detail of sari embroidery, beading and cut-out-work doesn't exist any longer and you will be the only one wearing this exact same shawl.

Not only are the scarves extremely beautiful they also give us a chance to showcase worthy works of art from the other side of the world.

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Model: Ayoush; Copyright: TIMELESS PIECES, LLC 

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