Thursday, February 2, 2012

GET ONS SPECK AN IERBESSEN! (Give us Bacon and Beans ..)

Liichtmess Dag - Candlemas Day/Festival of Lights/Midwinter Festival/Imbolc/Beginning of spring according to various northern European calendars)

Today we celebrate “Liichtmess Dag” in Luxembourg. Candlemas is the Christianized name for this holiday which is celebrated 40 days after Christmas. Its origins are Pagan.

Candles were traditionally lit on this day and today children go from house to house with colorful lanterns, singing the traditional “Léiwer Herrgottsblieschen” wishing friends and neighbors, Happiness and Good Health, in exchange for a treat (usually candy but nowadays often cash).

Groundhog Day in the US, occurs on the same date. This tradition also finds its origin in European folklore, as a prediction for the coming spring. 

Here is the lovely Hannah S. from Belvaux braving the arctic cold (in politically correct faux-fur) ready for “liichten” (lighting).

Model: Hannah S from Belvaux, Luxembourg - ALL RIGHTS RESERVED 


  1. Hello, I'm so happy to see the lovely Hannah on your blog !!!! I know her !!!! I'm working with Margot !!!!
    Big kisses from France
    Stéphanie R.

  2. Hello Stephanie and MERCI BEAUCOUP. How nice of you to write, I appreciate.
    Big hugs

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  4. Can Hanna predict how many more weeks of winter we have to endure, or this is exclusive to the groundhog? It is so cold!!!

  5. Hello
    I believe she can. I was told she has super powers :)