Saturday, February 11, 2012

UKUCKEN! (An Eye for Eye ..)


1890, from Spanish Mascara “stain, mask” same source as Italian Maschera “mask”

Mascara is one of the most ancient cosmetics known, having been used in Egypt possibly as early as 4000 B.C. Egyptians used a substance called kohl to darken their lashes, eyebrows, and eyelids. The Babylonians and ancient Greeks also used black eye cosmetics, as did the later Romans.

In modern times, the man who popularized mascara, cosmetic chemist T. L. Williams, created his 1913 invention, a mixture of coal dust and Vaseline, for his sister Maybel. When the product became a hit, he named his company Maybelline to honor his two inspirations (Maybel and Vaseline). It was 1917 when the company launched Maybelline Cake Mascara that was considered the "the first modern eye cosmetic for everyday use". It was applied to the lashes with a wetted brush.

Formulas have come a long way since. Today, mascara is a makeup bag staple. In a recent poll, two-thirds of respondents, tout it as the one beauty item they absolutely cannot live without.

Mascaras and their wands come in every shape and (bristle) size. The choice is largely a matter of preference.

Picture of ourtesy
Our personal favorite is LANCOME DEFINICILS. Over the years we tried the latest high-tech formulas (call us naturally lash deficient – short sparse lashes, contact lens wearer, sensitive eyes), but this mascara does the trick for us in the best possible way. Other than separating, lengthening and defining each lash, it stayed on perfectly in 45°C in New Delhi, didn’t clump or feather in humid Bangkok and held up just fine in extreme cold weather. No raccoon eyes either unless you go to bed without removing your makeup (never a good idea).

If we were stranded on a deserted island and could wish for one beauty product only, LANCOME DEFINICILS would be it, waterproof, évidemment.

Buy Lancome Definicils High Definition mascara online - Retail price $26/ 28,15 (available in several colors)
Or at Sephora,  Marionnaud, or any other authorized retailer

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