Monday, January 16, 2012

DAT GEFAELLT MIR/EIS! (Things I/we like – part 1 ..)

The "featured-products-we love list" was selected and compiled by our staff. We have tried and tested the items and gave them our TIMELESS stamp of approval. 


It's finally feeling like winter, time to bundle up! For years, INHABIT has been wooing us with their cool designs in a muted, neutral color palette. This minimalist approach is often juxtaposed with unique asymmetrical cuts. Their cashmere, wool-mix cardigans and sweaters (for men and women) have a contemporary twist, wear well and are of superior quality.  
Additionally, INHABIT stands out with their above-par customer service.

INHABIT currently has a 70% site wide sale going on. Hurry and layer up!! 

NET-A-PORTER ships to Luxembourg!!

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