Sunday, January 15, 2012

GUDDE MOIEN! (Hello in Luxembourgeois ..)

Welcome to my blog where you will find fashion news, great global shopping links, tried-and-true favorites and rare finds from world trips.
I hope to inspire you and be a small part of your personal journey.

KENNEN MIER EIS?  (Do I know you?)

I was born in Luxembourg; Life, Love and work have taken me all over the globe (France, Italy, England, US, India to name a few).

From time to time, I’ll invite guest editors; showcase in-the-know colleagues and style makers or feature the occasional family member giving their own perspective and unique view.

I co-founded TIMELESS PIECES celebrating artistry and multiculturism. I am constantly inspired by craftsmanship, the love of the arts and the telling of a storing that make an every day object “timeless” and “collectible”.

I believe that you collect experiences, mix what you love, break the rules and live life well.

Come with me on a global tour, off the beaten path, I’ll introduce you to artists, tastemakers and have you rediscover simple pleasures in your own backyard.
Enjoy the ride.

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