Monday, January 30, 2012

DIER HUTT SCHEIN HOER! (Your mane event ..)

There is nothing "fishy" about this. As a general rule, the products we feature on the blog were all tested by us and we recommend them without reservation.

In most instances we stay away from endorsing dietary supplements due to the unregulated nature of the market but we gladly break our own rule for this phenomenal product: VIVISCAL® by Lifes2good Natural Healthcare

How many times have you heard the expression, your hair is your crown and glory? As you all know, hair follicles change as we (man or woman) get older. The main culprits are decades of harsh chemical processes (constant shampooing, straightening treatments, blow-drying, and the overuse of products) hormonal changes or genetic inheritance.

VIVISCAL® EXTRA STRENGTH hair nutrient tablets, a Finnish product, has gained a cult following among hairdressers, dermatologists and loyal customers (count us among them). Read some of the many reviews in Vogue, InStyle, Redbooketc.

Natural and gluten free (a blend of fish proteins, horsetail extract and Vitamin C), the vitamins should be taken twice daily. All hype aside, your hair does indeed look shinier and is less thinning after approximately six months of regular use.

Note – VIVISCAL is not a miracle product but a supplement. A nutritious diet rich in omega 3 fatty acids and a balanced lifestyle are also contributing factors to to the wellness of your hair.

In the US, buy VIVISCAL® online or find it at your local drugstore. Retail price $49.99 for 30 day supply (60 tablets)

VIVISCAL® also offers a shampoo and assorted products (not tested by us or on animals) to maintain the beauty of your hair. Click on the links and picture for additional information.

Problem(s) buying your product or finding a retailer in Europe?? send us an email.

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